Welcome to Training stable van Buggenum

Training stable van Buggenum, owned and operated by Hanneke and Goof van Buggenum, stands for professionalism and quality. The focus lies in the correct development, training, correction and show proofing of horses along with dressage instruction and a well-appointed private boarding stable.

Hanneke van Buggenum is a graduate of the The Dutch Equestrian Vocational Education Center “Deurne”. She not only provides dressage instruction to her students, she is active herself in the equestrian sport, dressage. In her career she has successfully brought out multiple horses in high level competition at the Dutch National Ranking. She continues her training to this day and enjoys keeping her skill set sharpened. A quote from Hanneke : “It is my job to present and train our horses in the correct and manner.”

Goof van Buggenum was an active equestrian from 1970 through 1980 where he brought our multiple horses in upper level jumping competitions. He now takes pride in coaching for jumping competitions.

Hanneke and Goof breed, raise and train their own horses as well as any others on request from their boarders or other clients. You are invited to come for a visit to the stable itself, or take a stroll through the sales page to find the latest talent they have to offer. Not only do they have their own breeding products, but they have excellent connections and can help you find your dream equine partner.

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